Vehicle Hoist Services, Repairs, Installations and Inspections for all of Perth and WA

With 26 years of experience in maintaining and selling car and truck lifts – including thousands of installations, moving entire workshops (of 2 – 40 tonne hoists) and carrying out thousands of inspections – we are your number one choice in the area.
When it comes to car and truck lift servicing, installations, repairs, commissioning and safety reports, look no further. Don’t put yourself and your company at risk by hiring fly-by-night or other poor service providers. We have been providing these services to the automotive, trucking and mining industries for over two decades. With thousands of hours of maintenance time on hoists and just as many installations, no job is too small or too big for us. We are equipped with all the knowledge and experience to satisfy any of your requirements, whether you are a small workshop or a dealership.
We understand that you are busy running your own business; therefore we will make contact with you when the time comes for servicing your equipment. From Kununurra to Esperance we work across the entire state. All of our work comes with a guarantee.

The following links provide information on all our vehicle and truck hoist services throughout WA:

vehicle hoist servicing

Vehicle and Truck Hoist Installations

Get this right the first time and save yourself endless problems and expense in the future, get it wrong and you will find yourself with downtime and exorbitant costs on repairing and replacing things like worn ladders, ratchets, rollers, pulleys, etc.

Installing a vehicle hoist correctly requires a pre-installation site inspection, making sure that the platforms (four post hoist) and posts are square, level and aligned, and that the rubbing blocks/rollers, make contact with the posts throughout the entire lifting range. Having installed and commissioned thousands of vehicle and truck hoists (from two to forty tonne), Automotive Workshop Services are adequately qualified to install your workshop hoists.

Vehicle and Truck Hoist Servicing

Are you aware that your hoists must comply with Workplace OH&S Standards 1418.9 and 2550.9 ?

On-going maintenance on your vehicle hoists is imperative:

For all staff members’ safety.
To save you the cost of major repairs – which could have been avoided through regular servicing of your hoists.
To prevent loss of income due to downtime of hoists – which could also have been avoided through ongoing servicing.
At Automotive Workshop Services, we provide complete A-Z maintenance on your hoists, getting into all the obvious, as well as not-so-obvious, areas that require inspection, lubrication, adjustments, checking of clearances, etc. Our safety reports conform to Worksafe requirements.

Vehicle and Truck Safety Inspections and Reports

Each hoist manufacturer has their own service specifications. At Automotive Workshop Services, we not only comply with these, but also work strictly according to Australian Standards (AS 2550.10-2006 & AS 1418.1-2002), Operational Health and Safety (OHS), and Worksafe requirements. A typical safety report on a two- or four-post vehicle hoist will generally cover the following:

  • Pillars/Posts
  • Gearboxes (if Applicable)
  • Floor Condition
  • Lifting Platforms/Arms
  • Lifting Nuts
  • Spindles
  • Safety Nuts
  • Micro Switches
  • Floor Anchors
  • Safety Locks & Arrestors
  • Pulleys
  • Lifting Pads
  • Shafts
  • Pnuematic Hosing
  • Wear Indicators
  • Hydraulic Hosing
  • Load Holding Systems
  • Drive Chain
  • Bearings/Bushes/Rollers
  • Safe Load Indicators
  • Slides
  • Braking System on Load
  • Lubrication
  • Braking System on Travel
  • Access
  • Braking System on Travel
  • V-Belts
  • etc

Vehicle and Truck Commissioning Reports

After a vehicle or truck hoist has been installed or reinstalled, a Commissioning Report will be required. This is an important report and is proof that the hoist is safe and useable. Do not operate a hoist until one has been filled out, signed and handed to you.

Vehicle and Truck Hoist Repairs

Downtime on a hoist will not only cost you money, but can also cost you customers as they go elsewhere seeking a repairer who can get their vehicle back to them faster. This is why quick response times are high priority at Automotive Workshop Services.  While endeavouring to keep the repair costs to a minimum, we earnestly strive to get your hoists up and running in the fastest possible time. Your hoists will be repaired by the best in the business. Our goal is to repair without replacing, thus saving you money in this vital area. When it comes to repairs, we provide the following:

  • Cable replacement
  • Carrying bush replacement
  • Safety bush replacement
  • Bearing and bush replacement
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic pump repair and replacement
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic hose replacement
  • Roller, ratchet and pulley replacement.
  • Pulley re-bushing,
  • Rubber lifting pad replacement

Repairs done correctly will prevent further outlays of capital and provide the essential peace of mind, knowing that your hoists are ready to keep working hard and making you money into the future.

Some of the brands of vehicle hoists we maintain are:

  • Molnar
  • PowerRex
  • Bendpak
  • Tecalemit
  • Stenhoj
  • Rotary
  • Bishamon
  • Heshbon
  • Ravaglioli
  • Eurolift

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