Wheel Service Equipment Maintenance for all of Perth and WA

When it comes to car and truck wheel service equipment we provide the following services to our customers in Perth ans WA:

  • Installations (Wheel aligners, tyre changer and wheel balancers)
  • Repairs (Wheel aligners, tyre changer and wheel balancers)
  • Ongoing Maintenance (e.g. calibrations on wheel balancers and wheel aligners and services on tyre changers. Spec updates on wheel alignment machines)

At Automotive Workshop Services, our goal is to assist you in maintaining your equipment without having to fork out large sums of money to replace it. Not having the right person come out and see you the first time can and usually does result in expenses going through the roof, as the technician goes back and forth, “learning on the job” at your expense. Firstly, it is imperative that your equipment be properly installed and commissioned and then provided with ongoing maintenance. We always aim to provide better response times than our competitors thus saving you money in downtime and preventing your customers from leaving you to go down the road to get faster service.

truck tyre changer repair

Repairs, Services and Calibrations on Car and Truck Tyre Changers, Wheel Balancers, and Wheel Aligners

We have decades of experience and all the necessary tools to repair most types of wheel service equipment. Modern workshop equipment is very hi-tech and certainly the electronic equipment would usually require a vast amount of knowledge and experience to repair once broken. For example, a CCD wheel aligner will have four heads and each of these are computers which all speak to each other as well as to the main computer. Drop one of these heads and you may be able to get away with a simple calibration, otherwise you may need to repair or replace the entire unit.

On some electronic wheel balancers, you can have up to ten separate circuit boards and a computer. When faults occur, finding out which one of these boards requires repairing or replacing, is best, and in most cases, only left up to those with the relevant experience to perform the repair.

Examples of repairs and maintenance we carry out on tyre changers, wheel balancers, and wheel alignment machines, are:

  • Tyre changer and wheel balancer electric motors (repair or replacement)
  • Circuit boards (repair or replacement)
  • Worn wheel balancer shafts replacement
  • Tyre Changer Bead breakers (repair or replacement)
  • Water traps and Lubricators replacement
  • Tyre changer pneumatic and hydraulic hosing replacement
  • CCD and camera Wheel aligner head calibration and replacement
  • Wheel balancer calibration
  • Etc

Below are just some of the popular brands of wheel service equipment we service & provide accessories and parts for:

  • Beissbarth
  • Hoffman
  • Corghi
  • Mondolfo Ferro
  • John Bean
  • Hunter
  • Coats
  • GS Boxer
  • Bosch
  • Sice
  • Faip
  • Etc

Wheel Service Equipment Training

At Automotive Workshop Services we also provide training for wheel balancing, wheel alignment and run flat training on tyre changers.

  • Wheel Balancing (match balance, etc)
  • Wheel Alignment (full wheel alignment training on aligner and vehicle)
  • Tyre changing – Run Flat Training

Sales of New and Used Wheel Aligners, Tyre Changers and Wheel Balancers for Car and Truck

We are proud distributors of a wide range of aligners balancers and tyre changers. New and second hand. From Chinese brands to American and European, we have the right piece of equipment to suit your business, whether you are a small mechanical workshop or a large tyre outlet dealing in car and truck tyres. Some of our brands are: