Services, repairs and installations on vehicle hoists and all other types of workshop equipment

Fast, professional service is at the forefront of our business. You have paid good money for your workshop equipment and deserve to have it properly maintained on an ongoing basis, without being told that you need to replace equipment that is only a few years old. Based in Perth WA, Automotive Workshop Services aims to provide full support for all types of workshop equipment, with a focus on maintaining and repairing it before replacing it. Of course, safety is paramount, and we ensure that we adhere to and keep abreast of all changes to Worksafe and OHS safety policies and procedures.

Car Hoist Inspections

Our range of workshop equipment services

From expensive and complex electronic equipment to vehicle hoist installations, our strategy is to provide a complete one-stop-shop service for all our customers. For more detailed information about all our services click on the links below: