Scorpion Heavy Duty Mining Jacks

Welcome to our range of the heavy duty jacks and floor stands to suit the mining industry. Scorpion are amongst the elite manufacturers of heavy duty jacking equipment and we are a proud distributor of them to the WA mining and civil engineering industries. These jacks are available in 25t, 50t, 100t, and 150 tonne models. Please see our product range below and feel free to contact us should you require pricing and additional information.

MEJ Series Jacks


  • Available in 3 single stage options and one telescopic version.
  • Cylinder is actuated via hydraulic control valve.
  • Extra large base plate for highly stable jacking.
  • Load holding blocks for single stage models.
  • Fold down handle for access in low clearance areas, or for extra reach.

HEJ Series Jacks


  • Models available in single stage and telescopic configuration.
  • Single stage models feature reliable cost effective design.
  • Telescopic models feature patented counterbalancing of the second stage meaning NO ROD SHUFFLE during extension or retraction.
  • All the original design features are present in these jacks, and are available in standard and low profile models.

ELP Series Jacks


  • Extra low closed height – 250mm (9.84″)
  • High lift – 4 and 5 stage jacks
  • Long reach – low profile of the jack extends 450mm (17.71″) from the tyres to the centre of the jack ram
  • High ground clearance for operating on mine shaft floors
  • Large diameter base for good stability on gravel floors
  • Boxed forklift points and folding handle for convenient underground transport

MLJ Series Jacks


  • Super Slim Design
  • Only 457mm (18″ wide) excluding the base plate, allows close positioning to inside tyre
  • Once load chocks are placed around the rod the load is lowered on top of them. Tapered spigots top and bottom of the chocks provide perfect alignment with the jacking cylinder ensuring safe, secure locking of the load.
  • Forklift points make long distance moving and/or loading a breeze. A lifting eye is also provided.

Use it as a stand

  • Light weight aluminium load chocks (stroke locking blocks)
  • Allows jack to be locked at increments of 51mm (2 inches)
  • Load supported by a flange on the rod and not directly on the load itself
  • Meets standards for floor stand stability