Vehicle and Truck Hoist Sales for the Car, Truck and Mining Industries in WA

A hoist is an integral part of any automotive service business and no workshop can afford to be without at least one. How frustrating is it, to have only recently purchased a hoist and have it go into a state of disrepair, it now standing, taking up valuable space in your workshop – while you lose income. We see this all the time, with businesses trying to save a buck, by investing in cheap imports. To add insult to injury, in many of theses cases, additional money has been spent, not once, but numerous times in order to try and get the hoist into a state whereby the user can continue to work and generate income. Sadly, what usually happens in these cases is that the cheap hoist usually goes to the scrapyard and the customer ends up doing what probably should have been done in the first place – purchasing a good quality hoist right at the beginning. Proper advice right from the start would have been invaluable in helping these businesses to avoid these kind of headaches. This is why, we at Automotive Workshop Services, only stock and sell top quality vehicle and truck hoists, to our customers in Perth and the rest of WA.

We also place very high emphasis on the safety, availability and affordability of vehicle hoists and that is why we only sell the best brands. Of course we realise that not every workshop can afford a premium brand hoist, so by stocking a variety of hoists to suit our clients’ needs and budgets, always keeping safety, efficiency and affordability at the fore, we are able to satisfy the requirements of the entire market in Western Australia.

Our Vehicle Hoist Brands

Below is a list (in Alphabetical Order), of the famous hoist brands we sell: