PowerRex Scissor Hoists for WA

Below are some of our PowerRex Scissor hoists models that we are proud to distribute to workshops in Perth and the rest of Western Australia. If you require pricing or more information on our broad range of hoists, please feel free to call our sales department for a quotation, brochures, etc.

3.3 Tonne Full Height Scissor Lift

PowerRex SL34DX

An excellent choice for even the smaller workshop! At only 1.975 metres wide and 3.680 metres long, the Powerrex SL34DX Scissor Lift is a fantastic space saving option. With just over 2 metres of lifting height, it will easily accommodate most mechanics. The hoist has a 3.3 tonne lifting capacity

4.5 Tonne Wheel Alignment Scissor Hoist

PowerRex SL5500X

The SL5500X Scissor hoist is manufactured for the wheel alignment specialist. It includes turntables recesses and has built in rear slip plates. It has a platform length of 4.720 metres and an overall width of 2.060 metres. The jacking beams are included with the purchase of this hoist, thus allowing for the wheels of the vehicle to be lifted off the platforms.

Max. Lift Capacity 3300 kg
Max. Lift Height 2045 mm
Lowest Height 195 mm
Overall Length 3680 mm
Overall Width 1975 mm
Overall Height 195 mm
Power Supply 415 Volt – (optional single phase available)


Max. Lift Capacity 4500 kg
Max. Lift Height 1960 mm
Lowest Height 290 mm
Overall Length 6400 mm
Overall Width 2060 mm
Overall Height 290 mm
Platfrom Length 4720 mm
Power Supply 415 Volt – (optional single phase available)