Molnar Two Post Hoists for WA

Below are some of our Molnar Two Post Hoists that we are proud to distribute to workshops in Perth and the rest of Western Australia. If you require pricing or more information on our broad range of hoists, please feel free to call our sales department.

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Universal Two Post Hoist

Model M245-A Features

4.5 tonne overhead two post hoist ideal for a range of vehicles from small passenger cars to 4WDs and light commercials with Asymmetric design for easy access. Pad extensions are included as standard
Comes with: Hydraulic overload protection, a safety that bar protects vehicles from travelling into the overhead beam, a large reinforced base for strong, stable and secure lifting of large vehicles, long door protection foam is tall enough to cover a wide range of vehicles with a density ideal for protecting door panels and paint, and a durable powder coat finish.

3 Tonne Base Type Two Post Hoist

Model MF1705-85A/3T Features

This is an entry level hoist and is an excellent choice for any workshop that has ceiling height restrictions, hence the base as opposed to the overhead bar. It comes standard with four pick-up-pads (JJ3).

Lifting Capacity 4500 kg
Minimum Lifting Time 37 seconds
Footprint 3150 x 800 mm
Overall Width 3150 mm
Width Between Posts 2650 mm
Drive Through Width 2406 mm
Overall Height 3650 mm
Internal Height 3545 mm
Maximum Lifting Height 1840 mm
Minimum Lowered Height 117 mm
3 Phase Motor Power 415 V / 6.5 A


Footprint 3250 x 1200 mm
Lifting Capacity 3000 kg (3 tonnes)
Width Between Posts 2650 mm
Max Raised Height 1900 mm
Min Lifting Time 27 seconds
Overall Height 2770 mm
Motor 3 phase (optional single phase available)