Repairs to all Hydraulic and Pnuematic Jacks, Presses, Cylinders and Pumps in Perth and WA

Repairing rather than replacing your hydraulic and pnuematic equipment

Dont replace your equipment when you could spend a fraction of the cost to repair it. We have a fully-equipped workshop where we repair and test your hydraulic and pneumatic lifting and pressing equipment. In the majority of cases of repairs to trolley jacks, hydraulic presses and similar types of equipment, the customer will be told that it is irreparable and needs to be replaced. Usually this equipment is not even one year old! If you are finding this to be the usual response to your hydraulic and pneumatic equipment repair requirements, then you need to call us today. In most cases, we are able to manufacture or source replacement parts. Repairing a $10,000.00 truck or earthmoving jack could cost you as little as a few hundred dollars. With over two decades of experience in this department, we are well-equipped to assist you in saving money in this vital area.

Below is a list of the hydraulic and pneumatic lifting and pressing equipment, we service and repair:

  • Trolley Jacks
  • Porta Powers
  • Air over hydraulic jacks
  • Hydraulic Scissor tables
  • Hydraulic workshop presses
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for any application
  • Bottle jacks
  • Gearbox jacks
  • Engine Cranes
  • Wheel Dollies
  • Hydraulic Pipe Benders
  • Etc

We also carry out Safety Inspections and Reports for hydraulic and pnuematic liftng and pressing equipment.