3D and CCD Car Wheel Aligners for all Tyre Outlets and Workshops!

AWS are pleased to be distibutors of the HPA-Faip brand of standard (CCD), and 3D (Camera), car wheel alignments systems. Whichever machine you may be in the market for, we have the right one for you.

Some car hoists and workshops may not be able to accommodate a 3D aligner and here we have the C200 CCD aligner. The C880 and C1000-I-Next are top of the range Camera wheel alignment systems and are easily among the best in the world. These systems are very fast, and very accurate. The set-up times are phenomenal on the camera alignment systems and can usually increase the volume of wheel alignments a tyre outlet does by around twenty to thirty percent. Our systems are also well priced. Please feel free to contact us on (08) 9249 5550 for pricing and information on these systems. We will be happy to send a consultant out to visit your premises in order to assess suitability and provide free advice on which system to buy. Our consultants can also advise on what modifications (if any), may be required to accommodate any of our systems.

Below are the main HPA-Faip C200 car wheel aligner features and specifications:
• Equipment for comprehensive vehicle alignment.
• PC-Based wheel aligner with 8×4 wireless Radio/CMOS measuring heads .
• Wheeled main unit equipped with protected compartment for PC and printer .
• Radio transceivers (2.4 GHz technology). Light and easy-to-handle wireless measuring heads (3.2 kg each).
• Power supply by means of commercial and rechargeable batteries (AA type) of high efficiency .
• User friendly software based on multilanguage Windows XP .
• “SIM card” Technology for upgrading and special programs management .
• LCD colour monitor (On request) .
• A4 “Ink-jet” printer (On request)
• 2 Year Warranty
Note: Some of the above features are optional.

Below are the main HPA-Faip C880 car wheel aligner features and specifications:
• Fast and reliable 3D wheel aligner with two cameras reading system.
• PC-based, developed on Windows OS, the user friendly software features quick and complete alignment measures, with live graphic indications. Tutor on-line
• Extensive international car-maker Data Bank, based on a practical Regional division: more than 40.000 multi-brand vehicle specs.
• Factory pre-calibrated camera beam.
• Compact dimensions and flexible installation solutions: the ideal space-saving choice for every kind of layout.
• Compatible with 4-posts lift (2,950 m posts internal offset).
• 2 Year Warranty
Note: Some of the above features are optional.

Below are the main HPA-Faip C1000 inext car wheel aligner features and specifications:
• Professional wheel alignment programme including all functions required by wheel alignment professionals
• Smart card technology for software and databank updating
• According to the sequence step, cameras automatically rotate up to the specific working
position set in advance
• It is possible to record customised set of lift height levels, coupling them up to five different operators
• Push-mode off-centre compensation: makes it possible to work without lifting the vehicle and keeping the suspensions in their normal operating position. Maximum accuracy and speed
• 2 Year Warranty
Note: Some of the above features are optional.