Hauvrex Motorcycle & Car Tyre Changers

Not your Cheap Chinese "Me Too" Brand of Tyre Changing Machines

Here are some of our Hauvrex Car and Motorcycle Tyre Changers that we are proud to distribute to our customers in Perth, Western Australia and Nationwide. These tyre changers are manufactured to the highest standard and will suit most workshops and tyre outlets. Starting from $1,980.00 up to $5,500.000, our range is designed to accommodate small start-ups, motorcycle workshops, mine sites, Tafes, local government workshops as well as dealerships. We stock a standard entry level machine, without a third arm, that accommodates wheels up to 24 inches to a specialised model (super automatic tyre changer – the HC8860), which easily handles run flats, comes with a automatic wheel lifter and accommodates wheels with a maximum wheel lift of 558mm! Most of our customers are highly complementary about our equipment as you’ll see by the testimonial below:

“We are loving our new Hauvrex Tyre Fitting Machine! Makes life so easy. Works beautifully and what great quality for a very respectable price. Michael – Margaret River”

So, if you are after a tyre changer for sale, or if you require pricing or information on our entire range, please feel free to contact our sales department.


Hauvrex HC8100 Motorcycle Tyre Changer


Hauvrex HC8510 Car Tyre Changing Machine


HC8530 Car Tyre Changer


Hauvrex HC8560 Car Tyre Changing Machine


The above prices include GST, but are plus freight, delivery and electrical