Complete Workshop Fit-outs

Automotive Workshop Services’ goal is to make life easier for our customers. Instead of having to deal with a dozen businesses in the same industry, we aim to lighten your load by being a one-stop shop, supplying and installating air, oil, water and coolant lines and hose reels, gantries (manufactured to customer spec), pneumatic oil pumps, storage containers, etc.

With over twenty years of experience, we have the know-how necessary to equip you with a very broad range of air and fluid handling systems and service Perth and the entire state of WA. We take the position of a consultant and work closely with you to determine which equipment and fit-outs will best serve your needs. Whether it be a small workshop that only requires a few air points, or a large Dealership that requires a complete workshop fit-out, you can have peace of mind that you are dealing with a company that will provide the best equipment and service available in Western Australia.

Fluid and Air Handling Systems

Properly designed and installed air and fluid handling systems are vital to the efficiency of your workshop. At Automotive Workshop Services we supply and install steel, plastic and copper piping systems which may incorporate:

  • Fluid management systems for tracking fluid inventory
  • Filtering systems to ensure the delivery of clean fluids
  • Evacuation systems for the discarding of used fluids.

Our Gantries are professionally manufactured for efficiency and are aesthetically pleasing. We can manufacture anything from a two reel right up to a twenty reel gantry.

We supply and fit any of the following items, which are generally used in the make up of highly efficient fluid and air management systems:

  • Gantries
  • Airlines, Oil Lines, Coolant and water lines
  • Storage Tanks (oil, water or coolant and waste coolant)
  • Hose reels (air, oil, water or coolant)
  • Metered and Non-Metered Control Guns
  • Fluid Meters
  • Lubricators
  • Water Traps
  • Valves
  • Hosing (air, hydraulic and pneumatic)
  • Metering systems
  • Air operated oil Pumps
  • Etc

We are proud distributors of Graco and Mcnaught Equipment.