Welcome to Our Customers Page where you can view the Mine Sites, Dealerships, Workshops & Tyre Outlets AWS trades with

It is said that a company that is not growing is dying and we believe that adage to be true. At AWS we are always looking for new clientele. whether it be a small one-man workshop or a large dealership, the staff at AWS are always welcoming and we pledge to continue call upon our three decades of experience in the Automotive, Mining and trucking industries to assist you and your business to help achieve its maximum heights. Below are many, however, not all of our customers with whom, some, we have only minor dealings, to others that utilise our products and services on a regular basis. Of course, all of our customers are important to us and we will regularly update this page. Below you will find images of our clients logos as well as a link from each image to that customers website. These clients consist of mine sites, tyre outlets, small, medium and large mechanical workshops, panel beating shops, dealerships, etc.

Mining Companies & Mine Sites AWS Services & Trades With

anglo-gold-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
Anglo Gold
barminco-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
Barminco Mining Company
BHP-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
fortesque-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
Hancock-Prospecting-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
Hancock Prospecting
igo-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
IGO Mining Company
nrw-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
NRW Mining Company
rio-tinto-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
Rio Tinto
roy-hill-mine-site-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
Roy Hill
qhmbirt-mine-site-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
ddh1drilling-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
ddh1 drilling

Car Dealerships AWS Services & Trades With

AHG-dealerships-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
DVG-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
AP Eagers-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
AP Eagers
autosports-group-customer- of-automotive-workshop-services
Autosports Group