Breathable Air Testing Services for the whole of WA

Air compressor systems tested according to AS1715

It is extremely important for the health and safety of your employees, that the air they breathe into their lungs meets the Worksafe (AS1715), Requirements for safe, breathable air. At AWS we carry out testing on both low and high pressure compressed air systems for the whole of Perth and WA.

The Best in the Business

Our engineers have years of experience in testing for breathable air on all types of applications, from low pressure systems (like those found in spray booths), to high pressure systems, such as diving tanks and the like.
Our sophisticated testing equipment allows us to test for the following readings:
• Carbon Monoxide
• Carbon Dioxide
• Oxygen
• Oil Content
• Ambient Temperatures
• Airline Temperatures
• Water levels

Our in-house electronic systems allow us to store the details of each test we carry out. You will personally also receive a written, detailed, and signed hard-copy report for each point or application we test. This report will detail the results of each point/application, along with recommendations (if necessary), to bring your systems up to the required standard.

test for breathable air perth


If it so be that any of your systems do not meet the requirements for safe and breathable air, our consultants can offer you advice and recommendations to bring them up to a safe level, whether it be minor adjustments or a complete redesign of the system, we do it all.

Upgrades and Repairs

At AWS we back up the advice our consultants offer (whether it will require minor work or a complete redesign/rebuild of your system/s), by having the workforce and the materials on hand, to speedily implement any agreed upon changes. To this end we also carry a large stock holding of filters, demisters, regulators, tubing, etc.

You won’t need to call us, we will call you,

We understand that you are busy, therefore you will never need to contact us or remind us that your systems are due for testing. Our sophisticated computer systems are designed to help us ensure that your staff are never without safe and breathable air.

Our customers in Perth and the the entire state of WA consist of small spray painting and panel beating shops Mine Sites, and even the Australian Navy

Call us now on (08) 9249 5550 for a quotation or to set up an appointment.