The AWS Range of Piston, Rotary Screw, Petrol Driven, Diesel Driven and Silenced Air Compressors

A workshop with only a few bays may require a small piston type air compressor, while a workshop with twenty bays, or a large tyre shop specialising in truck or mining gear will almost certainly require a compressor with far greater capacity, such as a Rotary Screw type Compressor. At AWS we sell a wide range of air compressors to suit any workshop and will give you the best advice to help get your workshop properly equipped with the right equipment at the right price. Looking ahead this will save you time, frustration and money way into the future. So if you require a small 2.2hp, 10.7cfm piston compressor or a large 75kw, 375cfm Rotary Screw compressor, we have the right unit for you. We stock petrol and diesel air compressors.

We are proud distributors of the Pilot range of Air Compressors for the WA market. The receivers are manufactured by Australian companies and the majority of the compressors are assembled in Australia.

Air Compressors to Suit any Workshop Large and Small

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